Southern California Kendo Organization (SCKO)

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Welcome to Southern California Kendo Organization (SCKO) Official Website!

We are one of the largest non-profit Kendo Organization in the USA, with 12 Dojos (Clubs) across California. Our members range from 5 to 86 years of age (as of 2017).

SCKO instructors are highly qualified instructors, many of them competing at national and internationally level.

We understand everyone has different goals in Kendo. Here are some example of of what our members are seeking in their daily Kendo training:

Learn Kendo in depth
Compete at a national or an international level
Keep themselves healthy and fit
Want their children to learn respect to others and self confidence
Make new friends
Learn about Japanese culture
And much more.

Come and try Kendo at one of our Southern California Kendo Organization Dojos.