SAVE THE DATE! 2017 SCKO Individual Kendo Tournament (October 8, 2017)

Dear Senseis, Federation Representatives, Dojo Representatives and Kendo Friends:

We take great pleasure to invite you to the 2017 Annual SCKO Individual Kendo Tournament. This is one of our biggest event of the year, with participants from various federations across the USA. This tournament has several categories to fit various levels and ages. Also, this year, we are starting something new: the “The 5 BEST Team Match”.

The Tournament date and location are the following:

  • Date/Time: October 8, 2017 (8:30AM roll call, Tournament starts at 9AM)
  • Location: Edison High School (21400 Magnolia St, Huntington Beach, CA 92646)

Details will be sent soon, so please save the date, and I hope you and your Dojo members can participate.



Dear Kendo Friends,

The Southern California Kendo Organization (SCKO) is proud to host the 2017 Memorial Day Kendo Team Tournament on Sunday, May 28th, 2017, at Edison High School in Huntington Beach, California.  Please accept this letter as our open invitation for all federations to participate in this annual event.  We also humbly request for your support for shinpan to assist us in refereeing at this year’s event.

This tournament’s will have kenshi competing in 3-member teams, with various divisions available for players of all ages and experience.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you unable to form a 3-person team but would still like to participate!  Please see the attached files for tournament information and registration form.  Registration forms must be emailed and fees postmarked by Monday, May 15th, 2017. 

We are very excited to have you join us and look forward to your participation and support at this year’s Memorial Team Tournament!


Steven Hsueh, Shota Sugeta, & Jason Kim

SCKO Competition Team


  1. Date:             Sunday, May 28th, 2017 (Memorial Weekend Sunday)
  2. Location: **NEW LOCATION**: Edison High School, 21400 Magnolia St, Huntington Beach, CA 92646, Huntington Beach, CA 92649
  3. Roll Call:       On the tournament date, registration will take place from 8:00a to 8:30 am.
  4. Eligibility:        Must be a Valid AUSKF Member
  5. Event: TEAM TOURNAMENT (three players per team) with the following divisions:
●      12 years and under Kids Division ●      Adult Kyu Division (19 years old and up)
●      13-15 years-old Youth Division ●      1st – 4th Dan Division, Over 39 Years Old
●      16-18 years-old Sr. Youth Division ●      Yudansha Division

Fees: (non-refundable)

18 years and under                       $15.00 per person

19 years and up                             $20.00 per person

Bento (Lunch box):                        $8.00 per person


1) Bento will be provided for Shinpan at no charge 

2) Maximum of 5 full-day volunteers per dojo will be provided with Bento at no charge


  1. Registration Form and Fees Deadline: Monday, May 15th, 2017 (Applications must be emailed and tournament fees postmarked by this date) 
  2. Please email your application form to:
  3. Please write your checks to “Southern California Kendo Organization” and mail to:

SCKO Competition

1731 Mitchell Ave, #14
Tustin, CA 92780


  1. Each team consists of three members. Team members may consist of individuals from the same or different dojos or regions. In the case where members are required, please notify the competition committee ASAP for best possible arrangements.
  2. Teams are free to make a fun and creative team name. SCKO reserves the right and discretion to edit names if deemed inappropriate or offensive.
  3. 2 CONTACT PERSONS over the age of 18 must be assigned to each dojo. Please provide a contact number or e-mail on the application form.
  4. Regulations of the matches will follow “The Regulation of Kendo Shiai and Shinpan” set forth by the Federation of International Kendo (FIK).
  5. Tsuki waza is authorized for YUDANSHA DIVISION only.
  6. Division Ranks as of May 15th, 2017
  7. Age as of May 28th, 2017
  8. Each person can only participate in one divisionand is responsible for bringing their own MEJIRUSHI (Red/White indicator)
  9. In order to run the tournament efficiently, please have an adult accompany youth division teams at all times.
  10. It will be an automatic loss by default if one is not present at the time of the match. There will be no exceptions for those who have already been declared a loss by default.
  11. Team members cannot be modified after the tournament deadline date. However, if unforeseen situations such as injuries occur, the tournament committee will allow dialogue for possible team changes. Please promptly notify the SCKO Competition Committee of any team changes. The SCKO Competition Committee has the right to decline any team changes after the tournament deadline date.


  1. Tournament rounds will be held in round robin (as necessary), followed by single elimination.
  2. The individual match is conducted according to SANBON-SHOBU, and the chief judge will announce its duration at the opening ceremony.
  3. If no winner is determined within the duration, a draw (HIKI-WAKE) will be declared.
  4. Determination of the winning team will be made in the following order of precedence:
  5. A) Highest number of individual winners
  6. B) If the number of individual winners is the same, the highest number of points scored.
  7. C) Should A and B turn out to be even, a one-point match playoff (daihyo-sen, ippon shobu) between chosen representatives of each team will determine the winning team.

Location Map

Registration form, click here >> SCKO Memorial Registration 2017 V5 (New Location)

For a printable map to the Tournament site click here >> Edison HS Map

SCKO Shinpan (Referee) Seminar (Sunday, May 20, 2017).

Dear SCKO Dojo Reps,

SCKO is planning to have a Shinpan (Referee) Seminar on May 20th (Sunday).

The information is the following.

Date: 5/21 (Sunday)

Time: 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM  (Godo keiko 3:45 – 4:45)

Location: Butokuden

Instructor: Hori sensei 7 Dan, Ariga sensei 7 Dan and Mamiya sensei 7 Dan

Participants: Kendo rank of 1 Dan and above (Over 14years old)

Please come prepared with:

– Shinpan Ki (Referee Flags)
– Mejiryushi (Red/White Ribbon tags)
– Referee Booklet (2006 ver.)
– Kendo Dogu and Shinai

Please pay upon arrival: $10 Bento fee (Pay to: Southern California Kendo Organization)

The deadline for the application is May 6th.  Please send us back.

We need volunteers as player. Kyu rank and children are also welcome. Could you please ask your dojo members. If anyone can participate as player, also please write their name on the list. This is very good opportunity for learning about referee and improving your skill. We are looking forward to many people taking this opportunity to attend!

Best regards,

SCKO Education

Instructions on how to apply for Dan/Shogo in Japan

Dear President & Vice-President of AUSKF Member Federations,

The following is the request from All Japan Kendo Federation. Please inform following information to your members.

* AJKF will not accept application form individually. AUSKF must send all the application forms to AJKF together.

Please be aware of the following Exam Date & AUSKF Deadline of the examinations.


  1.  Email “Foreign Exam Application(Application Request Form)” to Shinobu Maeda (VP Promotion & Examination Committee).
  2.  Request the president of member federation to email **Recommendation(Renshi, & Kyoshi applicants only) to VP Promotion & Examination prior to the AUSKF Deadline.

This will be the information for the AUSKF President to make the applicant’s Recommendation.

               **Conditions for Recommendation for Renshi/Kyoshi

①     Presently practice Kendo on a regular basis

②     Play a leading role in the Kendo society of your country, possess great judgment and live sound life

③     Have attended the official seminars organized by FIK and/or FIK affiliated organizations (including EKF/LAKC)

④     Are recognized for having sufficient knowledge of Nippon Kendo Kata, Refereeing, Coaching methods and the competence for Jitsugi that are necessary for Renshi

⑤     The President of the organization can guarantee that you possesses such sufficient knowledge and competence

⑥     Have retained the necessary experience in coaching and refereeing

⑦     Live in your country and have been a registered member of your organization for at least 1 year; and will continue to live in your country and be a registered member of your organization at least 1 year from now

3)  “Application Form for AJKF” will be emailed to the applicants as soon as his/her all Request Form, a copy of current rank, (**Recommendation for Renshi / Kyoshi), and a check are received by VP President of Promotion & Examination.

4) “Application Form to AJKF” should be filled and emailed back to the VP Promotion & Examination by the AUSKF Deadline.

5) The direction for examination from AJKF will be distributed to each applicants.

6) Please follow the direction from AJKF.




Exam Date



Shogo & Dan Examinations Application Request AUSKF Deadline

(**Recommendation,  A copy of Menjo,

and a check should be received by this date)

    August 19 Nagano Kendo  7 Dan June 2
August 20 Nagano Kendo  6 Dan June 2
August 26 Fukuoka Kendo  7 Dan June 2
August 27 Fukuoka Kendo  6 Dan June 2
November 18 Nagoya Kendo  7 Dan September 1
November 19 Nagoya Kendo  6 Dan September 1
November 25 Hachioji Kendo  6 Dan September 1
November 27 or 28 Tokyo Kendo  7 Dan September 1
November 29 or 30 Tokyo Kendo  8 Dan September 1
November 18


Tokyo Iaido 6, 7 Dan September 1
August 4 Kumamoto Jodo 6, 7 Dan May 9
January 12, (2018) Tokyo Jodo 6, 7 Dan November 3
November 27 *Documentary

Exam (Tokyo)

Jodo, Iaido, Kendo


August 14
November 11 (Written Test will be held in Tokyo) Kendo Kyoshi August 7


2016 SCKO End of Year Tournament Result

2016 SCKO End of Year Tournament Result

Location: West Highschool, Torrance (December 11, 2016)

Non-Bogu Under 15 years old

  1. M Kurokawa, LB
  2. K Narcisco, LB
  3. J Ichikawa  BTK

Non-Bogu Over 15 years old

  1. B Kawaguchi, WLA
  2. A Riffenburgh, SD

9 and Under Boys and GIrls (Bogu)

  1. S Imura, BTK
  2. J Koines, BTK
  3. K Mori, GAR

10-12 Year Old Boys and GIrls (4-6 Kyu)

  1. L Jung, BTK
  2. S Heid, OSULA
  3. Kim, JOCHUN
  4. Sugiyama, SD

10-12 Year Old Boys and Girls (1-3 Kyu)

  1. T Ariga, BTK
  2. A Fujiwara, GAR
  3. K Sakai, BTK
  4. R Yamamoto, BTK

Over 13 Years Old Women’s Kyu

  1. Tsuda, WLA
  2. R Ogata, BTK
  3. Love, GAR
  4. E Fujita, GAR

13-16 years old Men’s Kyu

  1. K Yamamuro, BTK
  2. K Tsuyuki, BTK
  3. S Hsu, BTK
  4. Stallone, LB


Over 17 years old Men’s Kyu

  1. R Schott, BTK
  2. E Nickel, LB
  3. P Tran, BTK
  4. De La Torre, LB

13-16 years old Men’s 1-2 Dan

  1. R Okawa, LB
  2. S Mizutamori, GAR
  3. L Levins, WLA

17-29 years old Men’s 1-2 Dan

  1. T Williams, LB
  2. G Takahashi, BTK
  3. Chen, WLA
  4. Song, UCLA

30 Years Old and Above Men’s 1-2 Dan

  1. R Tsuyuki, BTK
  2. P Dopulos, LB
  3. H Niwa, WLA


40 years old and Above Women’s Dan

  1. E Aoshima, BTK
  2. M Ishikawa, BTK
  3. S Nakamura, WLA

Under 40 years old Women’s Dan

  1. M Harigai, BTK
  2. H Hsueh, BTK
  3. Y Saito, BTK
  4. M Wang, UCLA

Men’s 3-4 Dan

  1. K Sawai, BTK
  2. K Kamimoto, LB
  3. J Yang, UCLA
  4. H Yamamoto, BTK


Men’s 5 Dan and Up

  1. T Ariga, BTK
  2. H Okawa, LB
  3. M Segawa, GAR
  4. O Hashimoto, LB

Youth Grand Champion: Taiyo Ariga, BTK

Senior Youth Grand Champion:  Riki Okawa, LB

Yudansha Grand Champion: Komei Sawai, BTK

East-West Team Match:  East Side, Team Ariga

2016 SCKO Individual Kendo Championships Resuts

2016 SCKO Individual Kendo Championships

Marina High School, Huntington Beach




9 & Under Division Boys & Girls

1st: Joshua Koines (Butokuden)

2nd: Seowoo Hong (La Canada)

3rd: Euvene Kae (La Canada)

3rd: Noah Dirickson (Torrance)

Fighting Spirit: Mai Sakamoto (OSULA)


10-12 Years Old Boys & Girls

1st Place: Eugene Kae (La Canada)

2nd Place: Kyle Sakai (Butokuden)

3rd Place: Haru Sakamoto (OSULA)

3rd Place: Ryosuke Yamamoto (Butokuden)

Fighting Spirit: Seoyoung Hong (La Canada)


13-15 Year Old Boys

1st Place: Tylor Wang, (Il Do)

2nd Place: Riki Okawa (Long Beach)

3rd Place: Lucien Levins (West LA)

3rd Place: Musashi Miyazato (Long Beach)

Fighting Spirit: Kevin Park (Dae Han Mudokan)


13-18 Year Old Girls

1st Place: Hanako Kiuchi (Gardena)

2nd Place: Hana Yamamoto (Gardena)

3rd Place: Kotone Ariga (Butokuden)

3rd Place: Nagisa Fujimoto (Gardena)

Fighting Spirit: Summer Kwon (OSULA)


Men’s Adult Kyu

1st Place: Vladislav Mladenov (West LA)

2nd Place: Jaren Ko (UCI)

3rd Place: Ben Lee (UCI)

3rd Place: Damon Debets (LB)


Women’s Adult Kyu

1st Place: Kieutran Phan (Butokuden)

2nd Place: Sheri Jan (West LA)

3rd Place: Sau Jin Lee (Dae Han Mudokan)

3rd Place: Amanda Hua (UCLA)


Men’s 1-2 Dan Under 40

1st Place: Branden Wang (Il Do)

2nd Place: Daniel Lee (Il Do)

3rd Place: Gen Takahashi (Butokuden)

3rd Place: Brandon McNeil (UCI)


Men’s 1-3 Dan Over 40

1st Place: Tetsuya Iwasaki (Torrance)

2nd Place: Hiroyuki Yamamoto (Butokuden)

3rd Place: Jeongwon Hong (La Canada)

3rd Place: Sunami Chun (Butokuden)


Men’s 3-4 Dan

1st Place: Hiroyuki Yano (Butokuden)

2nd Place: Komei Sawai (Butokuden)

3rd Place: Steven Hsueh (Butokuden)

3rd Place: Ken Kamimoto (Long Beach)


Women’s Dan 35 & Over

1st Place: Shiori Segawa (Gardena)

2nd Place: Rika Miyazato (Long Beach)

3rd Place: Eriko Aoshima (Butokuden)

3rd Place: Joyce Hwang (La Canada)


Women’s Dan 35 & Under

1st Place: Yuko Saito (Butokuden)

2nd Place: Hisano Hsueh (Butokuden)

3rd Place: Minako Harigai (Butokuden)

3rd Place: Yukiko Miura (Long Beach)


Men’s 5 Dan and Above

1st Place: Taro Ariga (Butokuden)

2nd Place: Masanao Fukuno (West LA)

3rd Place: Hayato Okawa (Long Beach)

3rd Place: Minoru Segawa (Gardena)


Men’s 5 Dan and Over (Over 40 Years Old)

1st Place: Eichiro Nakano (West LA)

2nd Place: Hideo Mizutani (OSULA)

3rd Place: Ken Ikeda (Long Beach)

3rd Place: Akira Banchi (West LA)


Perpetual Trophies

Akune Cup: Shiori Segawa (Gardena)

Eto Cup: Vladisov Mladenov (West LA)

Nakabara Cup: Hiroaki Yano (Butokuden)

Hori Cup: Taro Ariga (Butokuden)

2015 SCKO Individual Kendo Championships (Sunday, October 4th, 2015)


9 Years and Under Division:
1st: Ariga (Butokuden)

2nd: Sakai (Butokuden)

3rd: Ogata (Butokuden)

3rd: Taniguchi (Butokuden)


10-12 Years Division:

1st: Kato (Gardena)

2nd: Hsu (Butokuden)

3rd: Kae (La Canada)

3rd: R. Yamamoto (Butokuden)


13-15 Years Division:

1st: Wang (ILDO)

2nd: Ogikubo (Butokuden)

3rd: Nakamatsu (Torrance)

3rd: Orii (Long Beach)


16-18 Years Division:

1st: D. Lee (ILDO)

2nd: Kato (Gardena)

3rd: J. Song (UCLA)

3rd: Yamamoto (Gardena)


Women’s Kyu Division:

1st: Fujimoto (Gardena)

2nd: Ariga (Butokuden)

3rd: K. Wang (UCLA)

3rd: H. Yamamoto (Gardena)


Men’s Kyu Division:

1st: Park (SDKB)

2nd: Padurean (Butokuden)

3rd: Criswell (WLA)

3rd: Shimada (Gardena)


Women’s Dan Division:

1st: Kawamoto (Butokuden)

2nd: Morita (Butokuden)

3rd: Sato (Gardena)

3rd: Hsueh (Butokuden)


1-2 Dan Division:

1st: Dirickson (Torrance)

2nd: Lee (Dae Han)

3rd: Williams (Long Beach)

3rd: Kim (UCLA)


3-4 Dan Division:

1st: Terashita (Butokuden)

2nd: Suto (SDKB)

3rd: M. Shin (ILDO)

3rd: S Hsueh (Butokuden)


5 Dan and Over Division:

1st: Fukuno (WLA)

2nd: Ariga (Butokuden)

3rd: Morinaga (Gardena)

3rd: Mamiya (Gardena)