2020 AUSKF Junior Open Championships registration form

Dear SCKO Juniors and parents:

This coming year, the AUSKF Junior Open Championships (JOC) will be held in our backyard, Huntington Beach. It is a great opportunity for every SCKO juniors to participate and compete for the USA title. Not too much details have been released by the AUSKF as of now, but we would like to start practicing now, since the tournament is only three months away. We have an excellent coaching staff, who did a great job in the past as a SCKO Junior player themselves. All SCKO juniors are welcome to attend the practices, regardless if you are competing in the tournament.

Date: April 4, 2020
Location: Marina High School, Huntington Beach
Coaching Staff: Ken, Isabel, Shota, Ray, Haruna, Gen and Hiroshi
Manager: Okawa and Ariga
Tournament Fees: To be paid by each participant

Our first practice will be held on January 5, 2020 (9AM – 12PM) at Butokuden Dojo. If you are interested in taking part of the SCKO team, I strongly suggest you come to the practices. We will be discussing schedule and practice menu. I hope you can all attend.

This is a National Level Open Championships. It means any junior, ages 18 years or younger, that is registered with the AUSKF wearing a Bogu is eligible to participate in the individual divisions. Team matches players will be selected by the coaches and managers.

Please use the form below to sign up to represent SCKO at the 2020 AUSKF Junior Open Championships.

Our tentative schedule is below.

Date 2020 Jr Open
1/5/2020 Sun SCKO First Kick Off practice @ Butokuden
1/19/2020 Sun Kubota Tournament (@ Torrance) or SCKO Godogeiko (@ Long Beach)

2/2/2020 Sun AUSKF Championships Tryout (12 and older) AM/PM @ Butokuden
2/16/2020 Sun SCKO Godogeiko AM/Junior Practice PM @ Butokuden
2/23/2020 Sun Junior Practice AM/PM @ Butokuden

3/1/2020 Sun Junior Practice AM/PM @ Butokuden
3/8/2020 Sun Shinpan Seminar (Shiai-sha) AM/PM @ Butokuden
3/15/2020 Sun SCKO Godogeiko AM/Junior Practice PM @ Butokuden
Week of 3/16 Butokuden International Gasshuku. We will be practcing all day, during the week. If you are on spring break it is a great chance to practice. Gasshuku schedule is here. https://www.butokuden.com/2020/02/03/2020-butokuden-international-kendo-gasshuku/
3/22/2020 Sun Junior Practice AM/PM @ Butokuden
3/29/2020 Sun Junior Practice AM/Send Off Party PM @ Butokuden

4/4/2020 Sat Junior Open (HB)
4/5/2020 Sun Junior Development @ Silverado Park

See you all on January 5, 2020!
Have a safe holiday season.
Taro Ariga

Note: We expect the divisions to be the same as previous years, but not confirmed yet. The following were the divisions from previous years.

• 9 years-old and under
• 10-11 years old
• 12-13 years old
• 14-15 years old
• 16-18 years old
• 13-years old and under (girls)
• 14-18 years old (girls)

Team (2 teams/federation):

Boys Teams – 5 player
13&Under Senpo
15&Under Jiho
15&Under Chuken
18&Under Fukusho
18&Under Taisho

Girls Teams – 3 players per team
18&Under Senpo
18&Under Chuken
18&Under Fukusho

Youth Team – 3 players per team
11&Under Senpo
11&Under Chuken
11&Under Fukusho