Instructions on how to apply for Dan/Shogo in Japan

Dear President & Vice-President of AUSKF Member Federations,

The following is the request from All Japan Kendo Federation. Please inform following information to your members.

* AJKF will not accept application form individually. AUSKF must send all the application forms to AJKF together.

Please be aware of the following Exam Date & AUSKF Deadline of the examinations.


  1.  Email “Foreign Exam Application(Application Request Form)” to Shinobu Maeda (VP Promotion & Examination Committee).
  2.  Request the president of member federation to email **Recommendation(Renshi, & Kyoshi applicants only) to VP Promotion & Examination prior to the AUSKF Deadline.

This will be the information for the AUSKF President to make the applicant’s Recommendation.

               **Conditions for Recommendation for Renshi/Kyoshi

①     Presently practice Kendo on a regular basis

②     Play a leading role in the Kendo society of your country, possess great judgment and live sound life

③     Have attended the official seminars organized by FIK and/or FIK affiliated organizations (including EKF/LAKC)

④     Are recognized for having sufficient knowledge of Nippon Kendo Kata, Refereeing, Coaching methods and the competence for Jitsugi that are necessary for Renshi

⑤     The President of the organization can guarantee that you possesses such sufficient knowledge and competence

⑥     Have retained the necessary experience in coaching and refereeing

⑦     Live in your country and have been a registered member of your organization for at least 1 year; and will continue to live in your country and be a registered member of your organization at least 1 year from now

3)  “Application Form for AJKF” will be emailed to the applicants as soon as his/her all Request Form, a copy of current rank, (**Recommendation for Renshi / Kyoshi), and a check are received by VP President of Promotion & Examination.

4) “Application Form to AJKF” should be filled and emailed back to the VP Promotion & Examination by the AUSKF Deadline.

5) The direction for examination from AJKF will be distributed to each applicants.

6) Please follow the direction from AJKF.




Exam Date



Shogo & Dan Examinations Application Request AUSKF Deadline

(**Recommendation,  A copy of Menjo,

and a check should be received by this date)

    August 19 Nagano Kendo  7 Dan June 2
August 20 Nagano Kendo  6 Dan June 2
August 26 Fukuoka Kendo  7 Dan June 2
August 27 Fukuoka Kendo  6 Dan June 2
November 18 Nagoya Kendo  7 Dan September 1
November 19 Nagoya Kendo  6 Dan September 1
November 25 Hachioji Kendo  6 Dan September 1
November 27 or 28 Tokyo Kendo  7 Dan September 1
November 29 or 30 Tokyo Kendo  8 Dan September 1
November 18


Tokyo Iaido 6, 7 Dan September 1
August 4 Kumamoto Jodo 6, 7 Dan May 9
January 12, (2018) Tokyo Jodo 6, 7 Dan November 3
November 27 *Documentary

Exam (Tokyo)

Jodo, Iaido, Kendo


August 14
November 11 (Written Test will be held in Tokyo) Kendo Kyoshi August 7