Southern California Kendo Organization (SCKO)

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Welcome to Southern California Kendo Organization (SCKO) Official Website!

We are one of the largest non-profit Kendo Organization in the USA, with 12 Dojos (Clubs) across California. Our members range from 5 to 86 years of age (as of 2017).

SCKO instructors are highly qualified instructors, many of them competing at national and internationally level.

We understand everyone has different goals in Kendo. Here are some example of of what our members are seeking in their daily Kendo training:

Learn Kendo in depth
Compete at a national or an international level
Keep themselves healthy and fit
Want their children to learn respect to others and self confidence
Make new friends
Learn about Japanese culture
And much more.

Come and try Kendo at one of our Southern California Kendo Organization Dojos.

About Kendo

The Concept of Kendo

The concept of Kendo is to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the Katana (sword).

The Purpose of Practicing Kendo

The purpose of practicing Kendo is the following:

To mold the mind and body.
To cultivate a vigorous spirit. and through correct and rigid training.
To strive for improvement in the art of Kendo.
To hold in esteem human courtesy and honor.
To associate with others with sincerity, and to forever pursue the cultivation of oneself.

This will make one be able:

To love his/her country and society
To contribute to the development of culture,  and to promote peace and prosperity among all peoples.

(The Concept of Kendo was established by All Japan Kendo Federation in 1975.)

“The Mindset of Kendo Instruction” and its explanation

The Significance of the Shinai

For the correct transmission and development of Kendo, efforts should be made to teach the correct way of handling the shinai in accordance with the principles of the sword.

Kendo is a way where the individual cultivates one’s mind (the self) by aiming for shin-ki-ryoku-itchi (unification of mind, spirit and technique) utilizing the shinai. The “shinai-sword” should be not only directed at one’s opponent but also at the self. Thus, the primary aim of instruction is to encourage the unification of mind, body and shinai through training in this discipline.

Reiho – Etiquette

When instructing, emphasis should be placed on etiquette to encourage respect for partners, and nurture people with a dignified and humane character.

Even in competitive matches, importance is placed on upholding etiquette in Kendo. The primary emphasis should thus be placed on instruction in the spirit and forms of reiho (etiquette) so that the practitioner can develop a modest attitude to life, and realize the ideal of koken-chiai (the desire to achieve mutual understanding and betterment of humanity through Kendo.)

Lifelong Kendo

While providing instruction, students should be encouraged to apply the full measure of care to issues of safety and health, and to devote themselves to the development of their character throughout their lives.

Kendo is a “way of life” that successive generations can learn together. The prime objective of instructing Kendo is to encourage the practitioner to discover and define their way in life through training in the techniques of Kendo. Thus, the practitioner will be able to develop a rich outlook on life and be able to put the culture of Kendo into use, thereby benefitting from its value in their daily lives through increased social vigour.

From All Japan Kendo Federation website


COVID-19 Updates

As our SCKO community continues to learn about and accept the new state of living we find ourselves in, please try to stay informed and involved for any new information.